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What is the WellBridge CareCard?

The WellBridge CareCard is a Mastercard®credit card designed for your entire family's healthcare and veterinary costs allowing access to high-quality care.

Why would I want a WellBridge CareCard instead of a non-credit card financing choice for healthcare expenses?

The WellBridge CareCard offers freedom and flexibility.

  • No re-approvals or pre-approvals when healthcare services are needed.
  • No surprise "balloon payments" or surprise interest increases.
  • No restrictive networks. You can choose any provider or facility that accepts Mastercard.

How do I locate healthcare providers or pharmacies that accept the WellBridge CareCard for payment?

There are no restrictive networks. Your WellBridge CareCard can be used for payment at any healthcare provider or pharmacy where Mastercard is accepted.

What expenses can I cover with the WellBridge CareCard?

Cardholders can pay for healthcare-related expenses, including both services and products (even if they are not covered by health insurance). Expenses include but are not limited to prescriptions, daily health needs, routine exams, preventative care, planned surgeries, elective procedures, and emergency care with a healthcare or veterinary provider.

Can I use the WellBridge CareCard for my pet's needs?

Yes, pets are part of the family, too. Your WellBridge CareCard can pay for veterinary services, including emergency services, surgical procedures, annual check-ups, teeth cleaning, dermatology, rehab, diagnostics, vaccinations, microchipping, medication, * prescription food.*

* Only when purchased through a veterinarian’s office.

What is the APR?


What is the annual fee?


Can I add an additional user? Will it affect their credit?

Yes, you may add an additional user to your account without their credit becoming affected.

Do I need to activate my plastic card?

Yes, activation of your plastic card is necessary to continue to access your credit line. Activate your plastic card on the cardholder management site.

How do I check my account balance?

Login through the cardholder management site or mobile app to review your balance and manage transactions. You can also call the 24-hour customer service line at (866)276-5606 to receive your balance and transaction information.

How are payments made on the WellBridge CareCard?

Payments can be made through the cardholder management site, mobile app, by calling the 24-hour customer helpline (866) 276-5606, or by sending in a check. Automatic payments can be setup within the cardholder management site or mobile app.

What payments are due every month?

Minimum of $30 or 3% of the account balance, whichever is greater. Refer to your account agreement for details on monthly billing statements and minimum payments due.

How will my health insurance company know if my deductible has been met or if payments have been applied towards my deductible?

Your medical provider will submit claims to your health insurance company to determine if your deductible has been met and what out-of-pocket expenses can be anticipated. Your WellBridge CareCard can be used to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, whether or not you have major medical insurance.

How does WellBridge CareCard compliment HSAs?

Health Spending Accounts (HSA's) can be structured in various ways. Some HSA's cannot be accessed until they are funded from periodic paycheck withdrawals. Your WellBridge CareCard’s revolving credit line can be used before your HSA being funded.

Do I need to keep healthcare receipts for tax purposes?

Yes. While our user-friendly portal allows for easier healthcare payment tracking, you should always maintain any original healthcare receipts you might need for tax preparation. Refer all tax-related questions to your accountant.

How do I report fraud on my credit card?

Cardholders enjoy fraud protection ensuring that they are not responsible for any unauthorized charges on the account. If you suspect that your card account has been compromised or has fraudulent charges posted, call the 24-hour customer service line at (866) 276-5606 to report fraudulent activity on your account as soon as you notice any unauthorized charges.

What Sets Us Apart

Dedication to Healthcare

WellBridge CareCard is solely focused on healthcare financing, which means we understand the unique challenges of medical expenses. We work closely with healthcare providers to streamline the payment process and offer you peace of mind.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay your balance off at the end of the month and avoid finance charges, or pay the minimum balance during those times when cash may be tight.

Security and Privacy

We take your financial security and privacy seriously. Our state-of-the-art encryption and security measures ensure that your personal and financial information remains safe and confidential.

Compassionate Customer Support

Our agents are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about your account, need assistance with a payment plan, or require help with any other aspect of your healthcare financing, we're here to help.

Our Process is as Easy as 1-2-3

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Once you receive your WellBridge CareCard, you can start to receive the healthcare you need.

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